A lot of people pierce themselves in the spur of the

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29th March 2010Quote: “My own family doesn’t recognise me. The thing is in voiceovers you’re not meant to sound like you’re from anywhere. I’m from New York, I have a New York accent so I kinda get rid of that. Before we began our silence the first evening, I learned that some attendees were at life transition points, and I heard a couple of younger participants speak of having panic attacks at work. Others were regular meditators who were looking to go deeper, or to reconnect with their practice after off the wagon. The 2 days we were silent, we alternated 45 minute periods of sitting and walking meditation, interspersed with a bit of yoga, vegetarian meals and time in nature.

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Apr une pause d’un an (Saku Koivu en 1993), le Tricolore va chercher son premier choix dans l’Ouest canadien en 1994. L’ est le d Brad Brown, qui ne prendra part qu’ 13 matchs avec le Canadien. Il est aux Blackhawks de Chicago avec le gardien Jocelyn Thibault et le d Dave Manson en retour du gardien Jeff Hackett et des d Eric Weinrich et Alain Nasreddine.

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