“In 1997, some fans of the genre posted a paragraph

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A Times review said the tome marked a move by Dailey “to shed the romance cloak, although there are enough beautiful heroines and handsome heroes falling in love (or at least lust) at first sight to keep longtime fans satisfied.”In 1997, some fans of the genre posted a paragraph from Dailey’s recent novel, “Notorious,” online and compared it to a similar passage in a book penned by Roberts. Other suspect passages were found.Dailey issued a statement, saying that the similarities “were there and had to be admitted.” She blamed personal stress, saying the missteps came at a time when her two brothers had died and her husband was battling cancer. She also said the “essentially random and non pervasive acts of copying are attributable to a psychological problem that I never even suspected I had,” and that she was in treatment for the unnamed “disorder.””Notorious” was pulled by publisher HarperCollins, which dropped Dailey.In 2001, Kensington Publishing starting bringing out her new books, beginning with “A Capital Holiday.” Her last book published in her lifetime was “Merry Christmas, Cowboy” that came out earlier this year.

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